Project Title:

Implementation of Social Renewal Operational Program complex institutional physical exercise programs and related health development projects in primary schools, multifunctional institutions; as well as execution of leisure community physical exercise programs and related health development projects by involving outside supporters of school.

Main Goals of the Project:

  • Development of health awareness attitude in childhood.
  • Organization of health development programs in schools (in elementary educational institutions) in the field of physical activity and healthy nutrition.
  • Knowledge development and change of attitude in the fields of regular physical activity, healthy nutrition, body and oral hygiene, drinking water consumption; and beyond this raising awareness of the communication of such topics.
  • Increasing level of physical activity of students involved in the project and making their nutritional behavior and consumption healthier.
  • Changing the attitude of parents so they can set good examples for their children and that they can strengthen and sustain the knowledge gained during the project.
  • Development of methodology and background materials related to the above-mentioned activities.

Expected main outputs of the Project:

  • Online platform to document the activities of the project and its achievements (monitoring)
  • Comprehensive conception of health development
  • Methodological paper of healthy nutrition
  • Methodological paper of physical activity